Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Matrix Pince Nez..We have it...

Atticeyewear.com is committed to bring the most collectible and utterly cool vintage eyeglasses and vintage sunglasses we can find. This Pince Nez as worn by Laurence Fishburne was designed by Blinde a Sunglass Manufacturer. Blinde actually designed all the sungalsses for the original Matrix movie. You will find this collectible piece available for purchase at atticeyewear.com under circa 1990. Pince Nez is a French word,  pince (pinch) nez (nose) this  style of spectacle was popular in the nineteenth century, they are supported without earpieces by pinching the bridge of the nose.The history of pince nez dates back to 1800 and remains iconic in the history of spectacles. This was the beginning of eyewear design. So if you want to look like Morpheus atticeyewear.com has the pince nez.

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