Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Enjoy the sun in vintage style.....

This add obviously for RayBan wants to emphasize style, atticeyewear.com wishes to share our sense of style.
With so many brand's to choose from in eyeglasses how do you know your style?  Know yourself and you will find your true style.
Atticeyewear.com fill's a niche for those of us who appreciate fashion but are not solely brand driven.  It is seeing an object in this case sunglasses and based purely on the aesthetic value knowing this is what I want.  Not basing a decision strictly by the BRAND.
I have many designer eyeglass and sunglass brand's on our site I do not wish to be misconstrued as a brand basher.  Just know the brand's on our site have been selected because of their..... STYLE.

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