Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"To see or Not to See that is the question?"

I went to Optometrist got my eyes examined.  I need bifocals! WTF!!! Well I told her no way "not gonna do it." Denial maybe. I also know that once you start with multifocals oh that is painful, It just gets worst quite rapidly.  So I asked her to back off on my distance prescription to help me see up close better. This only works if you are nearsighted (myopic).  I was a little in the dumps yesterday!!
Then I went shopping in my own collection. I found some glasses that are a curious shape cut off on the bottom this allows me to see under them. I also am committed to doing some eye exercises I found in a book my father bought when it was first published called "The Book of Internal Exercises". The book is ancient published in 1935 but so is the art of healing ancient so I feel confident with the information given.
I am writing this to let you know you have options in life. Sometimes you just have to ask questions until you find the best solution for your needs. You also need to find a good Dr. who will  help with your alternative approach.

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