Friday, October 2, 2009

Choose your palette.............

Sunglasses are no longer a luxury they are a necessity.  Please do not fool yourself thinking otherwise.  So many options are available to assure the lenses you are choosing fit your needs.  A proper sunglass with UV protection will help to alleviate eyestrain and wrinkles from squinting.
Here is some information regarding what different color lenses can do to enhance your comfort as well as your performance for sport's.  Make your selection based on your lifestyle . Gray lenses offer 100% natural color I feel overall the best choice. Green lenses heightens contrast while keeping neutral color vision. Best for tennis, golf, driving and general use.  Brown lenses block blue light while heightening contrast good for golf, fishing.  Amber/Yellow maximum light transmission increases contrast in low light conditions.  Recommended for driving and shooting.
Polorized lenses are recognized by consumers as the best lens for reducing glare outdoors and on the water.  I find that poloroid lenses while driving are a problem with seeing stress mark on other surfaces and this makes me crazy.  If you need to read instrument panel polarization can cause problems with you being able to see LCD screens on cellular phones and IPODS unless you turn 90 degrees. 
It is all about lifestyle and having the proper tools to make your life easier while you are enjoying your outdoor activities.
Treat eyeglasses as any other necessary tool for daily living.  You do not have only one pair of shoes or one tie, so why do we think our eyeglasses are any different.

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