Sunday, October 25, 2009

Aah the good old day's..........

Had to work today! I hate working on Sundays. It just should not be allowed. Why can we not go back to the days when things just stopped.  Family time should matter. Sunday to me is a day for family. Hanging around the house and making breakfast catching up. Not having to go to work ...........
Well the good old days are just that.  The good old days. Just a remembrance of times when stores actually closed so employees could relax with family.
One of the reasons I love vintage it is that value was placed on things that truly mattered. You look at the frames and thought was put into the design not just a name slapped on the side and their it is a collection.  They paid attention to the small details. What type of hinges they used mattered. The type of plastic mattered. Eyeglasses were made to last and that they have. Please visit us at and view my piece of history.

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