Thursday, September 24, 2009


Let's take a retrospective on the true origin of Bell Bottoms and other iconic fashion trend that the military has added to fashion.  The Navy designed the bell bottom to flair at the bottom of the pant to make it easy for soldiers to get their pants over their boots. The bell bottom was useful in many other way's. One such way was to help to keep their boot's dry to reduce possibility of infection. Sailors were also told if needed to tie the pant leg's together and fill with air and use as a floatation device should they fall overboard.  Another great influence that came from our armed forces that is close to my heart"The Aviatior"sunglass. This classic style sunglass was originally invented for pilots to reduce the glare while flying. The thin wire frame fit easily under their helmet so it was comfortable to ensure good visibility while flying.  Then Ray Ban develops the traditional classic aviator in the 1930's and fashion re-invents the Aviator over and over again. The Aviatior continues to be a must have in anyone wardrobe.

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