Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Know your face shape...

Knowing your face shape is useful for choosing eyewear and hairstyles as well so look at the chart below and determine what shape face you fall under.
  • Oval: You have an oval face if your length is equal to one and a half your width.
  • Round: You have a round face if it's as wide as it is long.
  • Rectangular: You have a rectangular face if it's longer than it is wide (don't get this confused with an oval face)
  • Heart: You have a heart-shaped face if it's pretty narrow at the jaw and broadens as you move upward.
  • Oval Faces:You are usually able to wear any shape eyewear. Oval faces have natural symmetry and allow for all kinds of different choices in eyewear.
  • Round Faces: You need to stay away from round shapes. Go opposite the lines of your face.
  • Rectangular Shape: You should select something deeper in vertical width so it allows for elongation of your face.
  • Heart Shape:You should select eyewear that has soft natural curves. Nothing with hard edges.
Hope this was helpful.

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